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Пол Кругман: признание

Пол Кругман (Paul Krugman) в своей колонке в New York Times популярно объясняет, в каком кризисе и почему пребывает сегодня экономическая теория. Очень полезное и поучительное чтение. О том, как амбиции взрослых ученых мужей могут превратить их в неразумных и обидчивых детей. И что с того выходит остальному миру.

Paul Krugman
For delivery 27 February, 2012

"...What you can criticize economists for – and indeed, what I sometimes berate myself for – is failing even to see that something like this crisis was a fairly likely event...

...Economists, of all people, should have been on guard for the fallacy of misplaced concreteness, should have realized that not everything that functions like a bank and creates bank-type systemic risks looks like a traditional bank, a big marble building with rows of tellers...

...By the time the crisis actually did strike, however, all too many of my colleagues had either rejected or forgotten the analysis they needed. And as a result there was a cacophony of voices when we needed a chorus, intellectual fog at the very moment when we desperately needed clarity of vision...

...What’s not OK is what actually happened, which is that freshwater economics became a kind of cult, ignoring and ridiculing any ideas that didn’t fit its paradigm..."

Текст целиком.

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